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Australia Saudi Style Rolling Shutter Door Machine Australia shutter door roll forming machine

Australia Saudi Style Rolling Shutter Door Machine Australia shutter door roll forming machine

Rolling shutter door machines are designed to manufacture various types of rolling shutter doors commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential applic

Rolling shutter door machines are designed to manufacture various types of rolling shutter doors commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The specific type of rolling shutter door machine depends on the design and features of the rolling shutter doors it is intended to produce. Here are some common types of rolling shutter door machines:
Aluminum Galvanized Rolling Shutter Door Machine:

This type of machine is specifically designed to produce rolling shutter doors made from aluminum or galvanized steel. Aluminum rolling shutter doors are known for their lightweight, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Galvanization adds a protective zinc coating to the steel, enhancing its corrosion resistance and longevity.

Australia Rolling Shutter Door Machine:
Australia rolling shutter door roll forming machine are designed to manufacture doors made from steel. Steel rolling shutter doors are durable and often used in industrial applications where security and strength are paramount.

Perforated rolling shutter door machines create doors with a pattern of punched holes or slots. Perforated doors offer a combination of security and visibility, making them suitable for retail settings.
Insulated Rolling Shutter Door Machine:
Insulated rolling shutter door machines manufacture doors with added insulation, providing thermal and sound insulation properties. These doors are suitable for applications where temperature control and noise reduction are important.
PU Foam Filled Rolling Shutter Door Machine:
PU foam-filled rolling shutter door machines produce doors filled with polyurethane foam. This foam provides additional insulation and structural strength to the doors.
Roller Shutter Slat Roll Forming Machine:
Roller shutter slat roll forming machines are designed specifically for manufacturing individual slats that form the curtain of a rolling shutter door. These slats are later assembled to create the complete door. Now let me introduce more details about our Saudi type Australia rolling shutter door machine.

                                                     Packing list
No. Name Unit Quantity Remark
Part 1 5T manual decoiler set 1 You can choose hydraulic one
Part 2 Main roll former set 1 Chains drive
Part 3 PLC control station set 1 Delta brand
Part 4 hydraulic system set 1 Hydraulic
Part 5 Product collect table set 1 Regular type/3m length/Manual
Technical parameters
Series Details Parameter
Product sheet
Raw material PPGI & GI
  Material thickness 0.6-0.8mm
  Sheet cutting length Adjustable
Part 1: 5 Ton Manual Decoiler
Decoiler Work type: Passive type, Expand and shrink manually
  Structure:Steel channel welded for the basic frame
  Usage:To support the coil and make the uncoiling, need the forklift or overhead crane to carry the coil on decoiler
  Loading capacity: 5 tons, Coil width: 1250mm
  Inner diameter: 450-550mm (manual adjustment)
  Manual brake system, with big hand driving wheel, easy to operate
Part 2: Main roll former
  Feeding device Steel plate welded as the feeding platform
    One set guiding roller
    Equipped 2-3 stripes in the middle of the platform to feed material, prevent the material surface damaged
    There are several bearing besides the platform, to protect the edge of the material
    Feeding width is adjustable with the handle wheels
Rolling shaft
Shaft material:45# STEEL
    Shaft type: solid shaft
    Shaft diameter: 70 mm
    Tempering treatment to prevent deformed and improve hardness
45# steel
    0.03mm Chromed treatment, make the rollers more smoothly, improve the hardness and prevent abrasion, anti corrosion increase of service life
  Rolling station 24 rolling stations
  Middle wall plate thickness 18mm thickness
  Work speed 0-20 m/min
  Machine structure Carbon steel welded structure
  Machine basic frame 300# H steel welded
    Anti rusty treatment after welding
  Work power 5.5 kw
  Rolling spacer Anti rusty treatment
  Steel bar Anti rusty treatment
  Transmission By Chains with cover
The basic frame with diagonal bracing
Advantage:With this design, it will make our machine works more stable
The feeding part
1. With supporting rollers, to feed material more smoothly
2. With hand wheels to adjust the feeding size, also equipped with counter to show the left and right distance, more convenient.
3. With manual cutter to cut the feeding material more easily.
The spacers and rollers
  1. For all of our rollers, spacers and shafts, we all mark numbers on it, it’s very convenient for you to maintenance the machine in the future.  
  2. There is ball bearings inside the rollers, to make all the rollers run at same speed when machine is run.  
  3. All rollers and spacers, we do 0.03mm thickness chrome coating, to increase hardness and anti-rust. Some factories maybe use 0.01-0.02mm chrome coating.
Advantage: 1. We make grooves to inset two nuts and cushion on the shaft. To avoid shafts loosing when machine works. Due to this design, shafts will be fixed more and more firm when it is working.
  1. Because the small sides on both sides of the rolling door are very important! So we set up a trimming wheel to ensure the quality of the finished product!
Part 3: PLC control system
Control system Frequency brand Delta (original)
  PLC brand Delta (original)
  Frequency brand Delta (original)
  Screen type Touch screen, also have buttons on the panel
  Screen language English/Chinese/Spanish
  Cut command Yes
  Profile length set-up Yes
  Batch quantity program Yes
  Low pressure electric part Schneider brand
  Encode Omron brand
  1. Support multi orders input,ensure the machine can work continuously according to different request without stop. 
  2. All the electrical parts are branded with a high quality, it can be fixed easily if damaged. Because you can find these again in any area of the country and it’s a standard parts.
Control station with aviation plug, more easy to install the machine
The control panel with multi order input
Part 4: Hydraulic cutting system
  Work type Hydraulic cutting
  Driving method By pillar type Cylinder
  Hydraulic motor power 5.5 kw  
  Cutter material GB-Cr12
  Cutting length tolerance ±1mm/3m
  Cutting feature Steady and safe working condition
  Oil tube and wires connection All the tubes and wires will be marked by the numbers or letters,So that it will be very easy to connect for the new.
1. The columns of our equipment are made of high quality steel(40CR ), the internal structure is optimized and the four columns design enhances stability. These improvements can greatly improved both in stability and durability.
2. Adopts two lines screws and steel bar to fix each blade. Besides upper blade is inset in frame.So our blade will be more thicker and heavier than normal one.These improvements can fix blade firmly and prolong blade service life and increase stability and durability.
The hydraulic pump station with cooling system
  1. Considering the high temperature of some countries, Equipped with fan on the tank, in case the oil temperature getting hot when the machine working for hours continuously, ensure the hydraulic oil in a constant temperature to have enough power for cutting device
  2. Oil tubes and electromagnetic valve are bigger than others, so provide more strong power to cutting
Part 5: Product table
  Length 3 meters
  Width 1.25 meter
  Material Square pipe welded

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