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High speed drywall corner bead machine metal wall angle roll forming machine V shape roll former

High speed drywall corner bead machine metal wall angle roll forming machine V shape roll former

Drywall corner beads are essential components used in the construction industry to reinforce and protect the corners of walls. They come in various types, each

Drywall corner beads are essential components used in the construction industry to reinforce and protect the corners of walls. They come in various types, each designed to address specific construction needs. Here are some common types of drywall corner beads:

  1. Partition Metal Corner Beads:

    • Metal corner beads are one of the most widely used types. They are typically made of galvanized steel, aluminum, or other metals. Metal corner beads provide excellent strength and durability, protecting corners from damage and ensuring a straight and crisp edge.
  2. Paper-Faced Metal Corner Beads:

    • Combining the strength of metal with the ease of finishing with joint compound, paper-faced metal corner beads are a popular choice. The paper covering allows for seamless blending with the drywall surface.
  3. Vinyl Corner Beads:

    • Vinyl corner beads are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and are known for their flexibility and ease of installation. They are resistant to rust and corrosion and are often used in areas prone to moisture.
  4. Bullnose Corner Beads:

    • Bullnose corner beads have a rounded or curved profile, providing a softer look to the corners. They are commonly used in areas where a smooth, rounded edge is desired, such as archways or columns.
  5. Beaded Corner Beads:

    • Beaded corner beads feature a raised, rounded edge, adding a decorative element to the corner. They are often chosen for aesthetic purposes and can be used to create a more traditional or decorative look.
  6. Vented Corner Beads:

    • Vented corner beads have perforations or slots that allow for better joint compound adhesion and ventilation. They are suitable for areas where humidity and moisture are concerns.
  7. Paper-Faced Corner Beads:

    • Paper-faced corner beads have a paper surface that provides a smooth finish and helps with joint compound adhesion. They are commonly used in applications where a seamless transition between the corner bead and the drywall is desired.
  8. Outside Corner Beads:

    • Outside corner beads are designed for use on external corners. They provide a reinforced and protected edge on the outside corners of walls.
  9. Inside Corner Beads:

    • Inside corner beads are used to protect and reinforce the inside corners of walls. They help create a straight and durable edge for the intersection of two walls.
  10. Composite Corner Beads:

    • Composite corner beads are made from a combination of materials, often featuring a metal core with a protective coating. These beads offer a balance of strength and versatility.
  11. Flexible Corner Beads:

    • Flexible corner beads are made from materials like vinyl or plastic that can be easily bent to accommodate curved or irregular corners. They are ideal for use in archways or curved walls.

1. Formed material GI Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
2. Decoiler Hydraulic automatic decoiler Manual decoiler (will give you as free)
3. Punching device Punching type High speed rotary punching 
4. Main body Roller station 12 rows (as your requirement)
Diameter of shaft 50 mm solid shaft
Material of rollers  45# steel, hard chrome plated on the surface
Machine body frame Metal steel welded
Drive Gearbox transmission
Dimension 5500*800*1200mm(customized)
Weight About 3 ton
5. Cutter Automatic Cr 12 Mov material, no scratches, no deformation)
6. Power Motor Power 7.5 KW
Hydraulic system power 5.5 KW
7. Voltage 380V 50HZ 3PH As your requirement
8. Control system Electric box Customized ( famous brand)
Language English (support multiple languages)
PLC Automatic production of the whole machine. It can set batch, length, quantity, etc
9. Forming speed 70m/min (customized) Speed is adjustable according to customer's request

Key Features of the Drywall Corner Bead Machine:

  1. Roll Forming Technology:

    • At the heart of the drywall corner bead machine lies advanced roll forming technology. This process involves passing flat metal strips through a series of precisely engineered rollers, shaping the material into the desired profile for drywall corner beads.
  2. Material Versatility:

    • The machine is designed to work with various materials, including galvanized steel, aluminum, and other alloys commonly used in construction. This versatility ensures that manufacturers can produce corner beads tailored to the specific needs of different projects.
  3. Profile Customization:

    • One of the standout features of the drywall corner bead machine is its ability to customize the profile of the corner beads. Whether architects and builders require standard corner beads or specific profiles for unique design elements, the machine can be adjusted accordingly.
  4. High Production Efficiency:

    • The drywall corner bead machine is engineered for high production efficiency. It can rapidly produce a large volume of corner beads with precision and consistency, contributing to streamlined construction processes and timelines.
  5. Accuracy in Dimensions:

    • Precision is a key attribute of this machine. It ensures that the manufactured drywall corner beads meet stringent dimensional specifications, providing builders and contractors with consistent and reliable components for their projects.
  6. Automated Operation:

    • Many modern drywall corner bead machines are equipped with automated features, such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), allowing for easy operation and control of the manufacturing process. This automation minimizes the need for manual intervention, enhancing overall efficiency.


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