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Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine Ceiling Metal drywall stud and tracks roll forming machine

Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine Ceiling Metal drywall stud and tracks roll forming machine

Metal drywall studs and tracks are essential components in framing systems for interior walls and ceilings. They provide structural support for gypsum board or

Metal drywall studs and tracks are essential components in framing systems for interior walls and ceilings. They provide structural support for gypsum board or other wallboard materials. There are several types of metal studs and tracks commonly used in construction, each designed for specific applications. Here are some common types:
Standard Metal Studs:
Single Studs (Non-Structural): Used for non-load-bearing walls, these studs are typically spaced at 16 or 24 inches on center and are available in various gauges.
Double Studs (Non-Structural): These are two single studs fastened together for added strength. They are commonly used around openings or for increased stability in non-structural walls.

Structural Metal Studs:

Heavy-Duty Studs: Designed for load-bearing walls, heavy-duty studs have a thicker gauge and are used in areas where additional strength is required to support loads.
Jumbo Studs: These oversized studs are used for walls that require additional structural support, often in high-rise buildings or areas with specific engineering requirements.
Metal Track Systems:
Top Track (Top Plate): The horizontal track is installed at the top of the wall, providing support for the studs and attachment points for the ceiling or roof structure.
Bottom Track (Sill Track): Placed at the bottom of the wall, the bottom track serves as a base for the studs and provides a surface for attaching the wall to the floor.

Resilient Channel Studs:

Resilient Channel: These studs are designed with a built-in resilient channel, which helps reduce sound transmission through walls. They are commonly used in areas where sound control is a priority, such as residential buildings or recording studios.
Shaft Wall Studs:
Shaft Wall Studs: These studs are designed for use in shaft walls, which are vertical enclosures, such as elevator or utility shafts. They often have higher fire-resistant ratings.
Slotted Track Systems:
Slotted Track: These track systems have pre-punched slots that allow for vertical adjustment of the studs. They are commonly used for ease of installation and leveling.
Header Track:

Header Track: Used above openings like doors and windows, header track provides additional support for the structure and helps distribute loads around the opening.

Deflection Tracks:
Deflection Track: Designed to accommodate vertical movement in the structure, deflection tracks allow for the controlled deflection of the wall system. They are often used in buildings where movement or settling may occur.
Light-Gauge Steel Framing for Ceilings:
Ceiling Channel: Used to create a framework for suspended ceilings, ceiling channels are horizontally installed to support the ceiling grid and panels.

We can produce all the above types of studs and tracks machines, there are 40m/min, 70m/min and 100m/min for you choose. please check more details of our metal stud drywall machine as below:

                       Packing list for automatic stud & track machine
Part 1 3T automatic decoiler set 1  
Part 2 Coil feeding & Leveling system set 1  
Part 3 Roll forming system set 1 Gear box transmission
Part 4 Fly punching system set 1  
Part 5 Servo fly cutting system set 1  
Part 6 Control station set 1  
Part 7 Hydraulic system set 1  
Part 8 Packing system set 1 Full automatically
Part 9 Tools & Spare parts set 1 Also include operation manual
Work flow for automatic stud & track machine (just for reference)
                                   The roll forming machine pictures
                                                       Part 1: Automatic decoiler
Loading capacity 3 T + 3T
Usage It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turntable way. Hydraulic power tensioning and loosening, automatic feeding.
Coil inner diameter 450-550 mm (adjustable)
Uncoiling width 300mm
                                            Part 2&3:  Leveling & roll forming system
  1. There is hand wheel on the feeding part, easy for you adjust the feeding size when produce different sizes of products
  2. There is also guiding device, easy for the material go into the machine smoothly and quickly.
  3. Please check the yellow box, there is oil drip device on the feeding part, it can make oils on the products, in case the finished studs are rust.
We use split rollers to realize one machine to produce different sizes of drywall studs, you can adjust the size automatically by PLC
Rolling shaft Shaft material: 45# steel
Shaft diameter: 50 mm
Tempering treatment
Roller Roller material: Cr12
Quenched treatment
Rolling station number 15 stations
Work speed 0-45 m/min
Machine frame Base use high quality H steel;
Vertical iron arch casting frame structure
Bearing Chinese famous brand Harbin ( high quality)
Work power 7.5 kw+11kw
Transmission By Gear box
Motor brand Main machine motor brand: Guomao
Servo motor brand: zhongchen
                                        Part 3:  Control system
Note: There are two screens on the control station, one screen is used to set the product size you want to produce, then the machine will adjust automatically according to what you set, another screen is used to set the speed, length and other specifications of the machine.
Frequency brand Delta (original)
Screen brand Xinjie, China
Screen type Touch screen & buttons
Screen language English/Chinese
Encoder Omron
Low pressure electrical part brand Schneider
  1. Computer used to control length & quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop when required quantity is achieved;
  2. Servo motor with PLC function
                                                         Part 4: hydraulic system
Feature The cutter with different sizes according to the product dimension.
Work type Servo flying Hydraulic cutting system
Servo flying Punching system
Servo motor power YASKAWA 2.3 kw
Hydraulic power 5.5+5.5 kw
Driving method By pillar type Cylinder
Cutter material GB-Cr12
Cutting length tolerance ±1mm/3m
Cutting feature Flying cutting. When the machine cutting it will not stop
                                Part 5: Automatic stacker & bundling machine
Table quantity 1 set
Profile length Within 4m per piece
Maximum speed 70m per minute
Dimension 8.5m x 2.5m

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