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Heavy gauge light steel keeling roll forming machine 150mm metal drywall C stud and U track machine

Heavy gauge light steel keeling roll forming machine 150mm metal drywall C stud and U track machine

1. High efficency
2. Save labor cost
3. One machine produce multi-sizes, to save producing cost
4. Stud and track can be produced by one machine to save space

Heavy gauge light steel keeling roll forming machine c 150mm metal drywall C stud and U track machine
Where the light steel keeling C stud and U track use ?
Light steel keel is made from high-quality hot-dip galvanized sheet and metal strip as raw materials and rolled by cold bending process to form a metal frame for construction. It is used to decorate non-load-bearing walls and building roofs with light-weight panels such as gypsum board. Because of its characteristics, it is suitable for the shape decoration of the roof of various buildings, the inner and outer walls of the building and the basic material of the scaffolding ceiling.
What Can ZHONGTUO Machine Do For You?
ZHONGTUO Machine can offer different solutions of fully automatic studs and tracks production line from low speed to high speed. You can tell us your budget and what sizes of studs and tracks you want to produce, then we give you some advice.

How Do Light Steel Keeling C stud and U track Machine Production Lines Perform?
Excellent. Take the fast speed 70m/min machine as an example, production speed can be adjusted by our self-developed computer control software, then servo motors and worm speed reducers will set the machine accordingly. When you want to produce different sizes, the machine will be changed to the sizes you need automatically, save time and labor.
What Do We Do to Make Our Light Steel Keel Machine Work Stable?
CR12MOV mold-steel-made rollers and cutting mold, 50mm thick base panel, 40mm diameter axle, customized servo motor from Yaskawa, Main motor from Siemens. All good material and electric parts from famous brands.
Drywall Metal Stud And Track Making Machine Production Process:
Material Coil - Decoiling - Roll Forming (- Flying Punching) - Flying Cutting Off - Finished Profile.
NO. Equipment Specification Qty.
1 Manual Decoiler  (1) Inner Diameter: Ø 460 - 510 MM
 (2) Loading Capacity: 1000 KGS
 (3) Manual Operating Type: Manual Expansion To Tighten The Coil
1 Unit
2 Roll Forming Machine  (1) Quantity Of Rollers: 12 Groups
 (2) Roller’s Material: Cr12 Steel, Heat Treatment, Quenched
 (3) Roller’s Surface Treatment: Polished
 (4) Roller’s Main Shaft: Ø 40 MM, 40 Cr Steel, Quenched & Heat Treatment
 (5) Bearing: HRB Bearing, Best In China
 (6) Machine Side Wall: 25 MM
 (7) Machine Base: Welded By 80 Square Pipe
 (8) Driving Method: Chain & Gear Or Gearbox
 (9) Coolant System: Equipped
1 Unit
3 Flying Cut-Off Device  (1) Hydraulic Pump Stand: 1 Set, Auto Start / Stop
 (2) Hydraulic Cut Modular: 1 Set
 (3) Modular Material: Cr12Mov (CN Standard) / SKD11 (JP Standard)
 (4) Length Tolerance: ± 1.0 MM
 (5) TBI Linear Guideway & Ball Screws: 1 Set
 (6) Hydraulic Components: Taiwanese
 (7) Hydraulic Overload Protection Setting: Maxi. & Mini. Pressure, Pump Stand & Forming Machine Stops & Starts, With Wind Coolant System, Filter Function
1 Unit
4  Run-Out Table There is manual and automatic one for you choose. 1 Set
5 Control System  (1) Controller: Motion Tracing Controller, Single Axis
 (2) Touchable Screen: 7” Color Screen, WEINVIEW
 (3) Encoder: Omron, Japanese
 (4) Button / Knob: Schneider, France
 (5) Speed Control: Frequency Converter
 (6) Power Supplier: 380 V, 50 HZ, 3 Phs; Customized
1 Set
 What's the advantage of this machine ? 
1. Please check the following drawing, there are many different sizes of C stud and U track, but the client only want one machine to produce the, so can save machine producing cost, and also save space, save labor cost an so on.

2. Another point is this machine working speed can be 70m/min include punching and roll forming, it is track shearing, to improve the speed. and this line is also with double head decoiler, roll former, automatic stacker. it is fully automatic, so can save labor cost a lot, especially for American and Canada, European countries. 


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